Middletown Based Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Holds Their Annual Show—Starring a Sayreville Resident


Alyssa Rask, Staff Writer


On May 2, Jersey Shore Rhythmic Illusions held their annual performance, starring 14-year-old Sayreville Native, Gianna Wyer. 

Wyer began rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 12, previously participating in regular gymnastics at Head Over Heels, a Sayreville-based gymnasium. 

Despite beginning rhythmic gymnastics at a young age, Wyer says she “loved the sport” immediately. 

Co-founded by Coach Adrienne, Jersey Shore Rhythmic Illusions, located in Middletown, NJ, has been an ongoing program for over 17 years. The program has over 15 coaches who teach nearly 100 gymnasts. 

“Due to Covid-19, the club only had one performance this year,” Wyer said. Jersey Shore Rhythmic Illusions also took extra precautions, including sanitizing the gym after every session. 

“My gym takes Covid-19 seriously,” Wyer explained. “Because of all the different age groups practicing at the gym, we take many precautions, including social distancing and keeping our masks on at all times.”

The five-hour-long performance, beginning at 2:45 p.m. and ending at 7:45 p.m., included three sessions with 20 routines in each. 

Wyer performed two routines: a solo and a duet. In her solo, she performed the song “Feeling Good” by Michael Bublé. Wyer says she chose that song because it “went well” with her choreography. 

Gianna has also been a coach in the gym for nearly five months. “I coach two classes,” Wyer said. “One class has two girls, and one of them is virtual on Monday and comes in person on Tuesday. My second class has 10 girls and is all in person.”

For the early May show, Wyer says she began preparing her students nearly one month before. “The hardest aspect of preparing the kids is getting them ready and teaching them how to have confidence in themselves,” says Wyer. 

Since the start of the pandemic, Wyer has begun competing in international competitions for rhythmic gymnastics. “I’ve done virtual competitions that were based on countries around the world,” says Wyer. “One competition was in Salzburg, Austria!” 

Wyer says her favorite part of the competition was watching her students perform. “Watching them do great on their performance after a month of practicing showed me I can be a good role model,” said Wyer.