No Survivors Following China’s Worst Air Disaster


Alyssa Rask, Staff Writer

Investigators say there are no survivors following China’s worst recorded air disaster that occurred Monday afternoon.

The Boeing 737-800 crashed, carrying 132 people over a mountainous region in the south of the country, as it flew from Kunming to Guangzhou.

Sun Shiying, a representative for China Eastern Airlines, stated, “The flight took off from Kunming at 1:16 p.m. and was flying normally. At around 2:21 p.m., it arrived in Wuzhou city of Guangxi province. The ground station noticed that the plane had a sudden altitude change, and then it lost communication with the plane before it eventually crashed.”
The deadly crash came after officials cleared the 737 MAX, a more recent version of the 737-800, in late December of 2021. The MAX was under a 20-month review following two crashes that left no survivors.
Though the official cause of the crash has not been determined yet, investigators are hopeful the finding of one of two “black boxes” on Wednesday will provide information on the crash.