India’s Current COVID Crisis: Spreading Awareness

The spread of COVID-19 has dramatically changed the lives of many across the world. Although in America it seems as if we have the virus under control, other places such as India are being hit hard by a second wave due to a lack of proper protocol and medical equipment.


The situation is dire, and according to multiple news anchors stationed in the country, hospitals are packed with patients. In an article written by CNN, we observe Sadanand Patel being turned away from 4 hospitals at over full capacity. Sadanand is a 30-year-old man whose lungs are already 80% infected by the virus. He is in need of aid and his pregnant wife Goldi Patel, 25, frantically searched for a hospital that would sufficiently assist them. Eventually, they settled for a makeshift medical facility on the outskirts of the capital, but it is said to be extremely ill-staffed – so much so that Sadanand asked his wife to let him leave.

Situations like Goldi’s and Sadanand’s are happening across the country, and some patients in need of help are passing away waiting outside of packed hospitals and emergency clinics. The cause of this sudden spike in cases is not known for sure. Despite this, it can be inferred that it originates from new strains of the virus (such as the UK strain, which is highly infectious), as well as the regulations – or lack of – enforced by the Prime Minister of India.

Currently, across the country of India, there is a rising need for oxygen, hospital beds, and medical staff due to the massive amount of COVID cases rolling in. According to an article from CNBC, the World Health Organization states that globally, one in every three newly reported COVID cases worldwide now originate from India. Initially, numbers began to rise for the country in February 2021. By April, they had gathered a staggering 7 million cases out of the 19 million total cases they contributed to the global pool.

The situation is only worsening as days go on, but we can help by spreading awareness about the situation. Many countries, including the USA, are already making efforts to assist India by providing emergency funds and supplies.


As fellow members of the human race, we should make efforts to help these people in their time of need. Some ways you can help from the comfort of your own home are simply reposting information about this crisis on your social media. In addition, be aware of the charities as well as individuals who are donating their own money to the cause.

You can also donate through these charities:




Give2Asia |


If you wish to learn more about the situation here are links to our sources to help you start. In addition to this, there are multiple news stations worldwide reporting on the issue.

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