The 2022 World Cup: Is SWMHS Being Divided or Brought Together?


Rylee Farrar, Staff Editor

The World Cup kicked off on November 20, bringing billions of soccer fans together around the globe.

This tournament, which started in 1930, takes place every four years, making it especially engaging and exciting for fans.

While soccer might be a common passion among viewers, it might be the same factor that divides them. Students at SWMHS describe how soccer has influenced their relationships with their peers.

Angel Sanches, a sophomore, has noted the differing opinions between him and his friends. “I’m rooting for Mexico, but my friends aren’t. We get into arguments over the games.”

Sanches believes that students can easily become divided as a result of the games because of debates that spark over differing team opinions.

However, some students argue that the tournament has created new founded bonds. “I think the World Cup is bringing us students together,” says Sofia Costa, a senior. “We are all finding something that we have in common.”

Regardless of whether students share the same opinions about competing teams, it is certain that students are putting aside their differences to enjoy the games together.

“I see kids that have never spoken to each other watching the games together during lunch,” Ryan Collado, senior, states. “It’s awesome to see how sports bring us together.”