Super Bowl LII


Kavita Parasuraman , Staff Writer

The 52nd Super Bowl took place on February 4th at the U.S . Bank Stadium in Minneapolis with the Philadelphia Eagles against the New England Patriots. During all four quarters of the game, the Eagles were leading except some time during the fourth quarter when the Patriots were in the lead by a point. Even though both teams worked hard in hopes of getting the Lombardi Trophy, in the end the Eagles succeeded with a score of 41 and the Patriots ended with 33.

Super Bowl LII started off with the coin toss which the Patriots won. They decided to defer which means they wanted to start with the football during the second half of the game. In the first quarter, the Eagles had a score of 9 and made one touchdown, which was made by Alshon Jeffery. The Eagles could have had a score of 10 but missed a point since the football was not kicked into the goalpost. The Patriots, however, did not make a touchdown but had a score of 3.

In the second quarter the Eagles had a score of 22 and the Patriots had 12. After the second quarter, Justin Timberlake put on a great show for the audience. Some songs he performed were “Filthy”, “Rock Your Body”, and “Can’t Stop the Feeling”. After his performance, which included a tribute to Prince, the third quarter began. The quarter ended with a close game between the teams: the Eagles now had 29 and the Patriots had 26.

It was the fourth quarter that changed everything. At a point during this quarter, the Patriots were leading by a point with a score of 33. It was then that Tom Brady had the football in his possession and a fumble occurred which led to a member of the Eagle’s obtaining the ball. With this advantage, the Eagles scored another touchdown, something that was “controversial.” With 2 minutes and 25 seconds left, Zach Ertz was able to run to the end-zone and make a touchdown. The problem was that the ball had flown out of his hands for a short time, which was the reason for the debate of whether it was actually a touchdown. Fortunately for the Eagles, it counted as a touchdown and that was the winning play. The final score was 41 to 33 and the Eagles were handed the sterling silver Lombardi Trophy.

The Eagles made history in Super Bowl LII since this is their first Super Bowl win.