Girls’ varsity tennis remain white division champions


Zenia Khan, Staff Writer

The girls’ tennis team has had a successful season and the interviews with them have revealed the hard work the team has put in to get this far. They have remained undefeated and have officially ended their season.  With this season completed, the girls are now white division champions for the 3rd year in a row. They beat their biggest rivals, North Brunswick, to get into the white division championships, a memorable moment for the team.

The girls have had to face many challenges and rigorous training to get this far. Sriya Kanthaswamy (10) said, “To get where we are standing today we had to work hard and keep going.”

These girls have proven that their hard work has paid off being on the varsity team. Attaining a varsity position is no easy thing. It requires passion and commitment. When asked for some advice, Grace Ekpe (11) said, “No matter what the circumstances, never give up. It may sound cheesy, but it’s true. I’ve experienced it myself. It’s going to be tough at times but in the end, it pays off.”

However, with a dedication to tennis, it becomes a challenge to cope with school work. It’s not an easy task to balance their school work and tennis but they manage to strive for the best, both academically and athletically.

According to Jasmine Yehudaioff (10), most girls on the team attend tennis and plan their schedules accordingly based on the work they are given. Nonetheless, the girls love the sport. They push themselves to work harder and make sure they achieve the best.

Camilla Rutkowski says that she would consider playing tennis in the future because of the warm and friendly atmosphere she is surrounded by and the memories she has created with her teammates.

With the coach Mr. Michael Provenza’s outgoing humor, he makes the team work together in a lively and fun-filled manner.  Playing on the team has really made an impact on the girls’ lives. Julia Kitrys (10) says, “It’s been an interesting ride, I’ve been given so many opportunities and I’m always surrounded by incredible people.”

Not only have they created a strong bond, but they feel like a family. Through their blood, sweat, and tears, they have created an unbreakable bond, that will last for years to come.