Arts High School still accepting applications from creative students


Aneri Upadhyay, Staff Writer

Arts High School has been offering a creative outlook for students in Middlesex County since 1980. It allows students in high school to do what they love and showcase their talents. It highlights another side of them rather than an academic one.

Despite it being around for so long, it is still a ghost among students. Not many know what it is like, let alone what it is. Arts High School offers a variety of courses, from jazz improv to poetry. The current courses for the performing arts are acting, jazz improv, modern dance, and vocal music, both classical and Broadway. Courses for visual arts are also offered, including filmmaking, photography, visual arts one and two, 3D visual arts one and two, and anime/manga drawing. Along with these, literary arts can be taken like creative writing and poetry. Some classes may also be used for college credits.

Arts High School takes students out of school for a couple of hours once a week, from January to May. They take a bus to Middlesex County College and learn how to improve their various skills. The program in Monmouth and Ocean County hold their courses in another location, making it closer and accessible for everyone nearby. This out-of-school program hones in on the imaginative side of young adults. By learning from professionals, students can develop their individual talents and find out what they are truly passionate about.

In this upcoming year, 2018-2019, applications have to be submitted by November 15th. This can be done online through their website, Anyone applying has to pay a fee, $50 if one is applying for only one program and $70 for two auditions. Students may only do one program throughout the year, but by applying for two, their chances are increased and they are not forced to pick only one. They will get into whatever they are more successful in. After applying, they will have to go through an audition and display their talents to the teachers running the individual skill. From there, a letter will be sent home with one of the three results: accepted, not accepted, or wait-listed.

Arts High School has a showcase at the end of the program in May. This enables the participants to show their hard work done throughout the year to their family and friends. Each class has their own performance and are encouraged to check out what other students have done.

This program is also available to teens in 6th-8th grade but is instead called Arts Middle School. Commonly abbreviated as AMS, this program offers most of the same courses to students in middle school, permitting them to show their creative side and hopefully continuing it in the high school. This program is funded by the state and is important to the students in New Jersey. It puts a spotlight on something that is not normally shown year-round in school. It offers a way for students to do what they love and meet new people around them who do as well. It forms friendships and is an invaluable experience. It makes students grow as an individual and an artist and can never be forgotten.