Students showcase Bomber pride at 2018 homecoming


Jessica Stochel, Staff Writer

With the new year starting up, Homecoming is one of the first and probably the greatest displays of school spirit. With this being my first homecoming, one of the first things that surprised me was the full-fledged menu offerings at the food stand. Many of the audience members had cozied up on the bleachers with a cup of ramen noodles or a cup of hot chocolate.

For the actual game itself, it was a stagnant one, to say the least. Piscataway took the lead with 14 points in the second quarter running into third, with Sayreville trying, but not succeeding, in scoring a touchdown of their own.

Fortunately, everyone got hyped during halftime, when the homecoming king and queen commencement began. Ryan Casano and Morgan Presley were elected Homecoming King and Queen, respectively.

With a streak of luck for Sayreville, in the fourth quarter, Marc Whitford scored the first touchdown for the home team. This was a much-needed relief, not only for the team members but for the fans as well. Nearing the end of the game with 1 minute 16 seconds left, it was safe to say that the Sayreville fans were on the edge of their seats hoping for another touchdown, which seemed likely with only a little more than 5 yards left to the end zone. Unfortunately, Piscataway took the spotlight when a single player took the ball from end zone to end zone, scoring a touchdown for his team. The final results were 27:6, Piscataway being the clear winner.

While some may find the game to be disheartening, in truth they are not considering the other great aspects of Homecoming. With Stand up to Cancer collecting money, all grade levels showed their support by creating their own banners to represent each grade. Freshmen chose “commitment”, sophomores chose “passion”, juniors chose “character”, and seniors chose “pride”. The banners were a beautiful work of art and a great addition to the night.

Ultimately, Homecoming, whether we won or not, was a great social event for all of the Sayreville kids to show their pride and support.