Taking a short pause in a long conflict


Ryan Real, Staff Writer

A three week break from the government shutdown was granted as President Trump continues to fight for funding for his long-promised wall. However, another government shutdown could commence on February 15 if a deal can’t be made with Congress.

During the shutdown, $11 billion was the cost of the economy and over 800,000 federal employees missed their crucial paychecks that they desperately need. As this is only a partial government shutdown, not everyone was affected, but those from NASA, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Commerce were. As many persist to go to the line of duty without pay, tensions rise.

The Senate Republicans during the record-breaking 35 day partial government shutdown were also starting to get annoyed. They have conflicting thoughts on what should happen with border security with some even going against another government shutdown. With visible cracks in the foundation, the fight for funding a wall continues.