Freshman Council raises money with the help of Wreck it Ralph

Students gather on a school night to hang out, fundraise money, and watch Ralph Breaks the Internet.


A first row view of movie night hosted by the class of 2022

Jessica Stochel, Staff Writer

While previously reviewed and analyzed by staff writer Ashlee Bonsi (whose article is accessible here), those who did not get to see Ralph Breaks the Internet were in luck when the Freshman Class Council featured it on movie night on Thursday, February 22. While the movie was initially released on November 21, back in 2018, it certainly did not prevent 25 or so students – mostly freshman and some juniors – from paying $2 admission fees to enter.

The event was held in the cafeteria with chairs lined up in two rows. Popcorn, candy, and bottled water were offered for $1 each. While the movie was entertaining, it was clear many of the students were more engaged in the social aspect of the night. In fact, Oro-Oluwatoromo Ade-Festus, the recording secretary for the Freshmen Class Council, had been hesitant at first that the movie choice might be too childish for highschoolers. However, based on the feedback from students it was evident that they still enjoyed the experience. Marjaan Khan, grade 11, gave her thoughts on the matter: “I thought it was really funny because of how many internet references it had in it. [My favorite part] was when Vanellope talked with the princesses.”

Moreover, as we all know, sequels are always a risky move in a movie series. One student, Andrew C. Pechulis, grade 12, assures that it was “a nice extension of the first movie.”

And finally, when asked what the best part of the movie was, Rowann Ahmed, grade 9, had this to say (watch for minor spoilers): “My favorite part of the movie was when Ralph saw the negative comments [from the internet] and felt upset, but then the Buzztube boss, Yesss, came and saw. She cheered him up by telling him that it doesn’t matter what anyone thought about him.”

“I really loved the message of it. It’s so cute,” said Katherine Cruz, grade 11.

From this, we can conclude that while the Disney movie does cater to a younger audience, it was thoroughly enjoyed by kids and highschoolers alike. On that note, feel free to see the movie on your own time, and keep your eyes and ears open for future fundraising events such as these!