Students joust at winter pep rally

Students enjoyed some time off from school to participate in the 2019 Winter Pep Rally.


Kavita Parasuraman , Editor-in-Chief

As another season came to an end, the students at SWMHS came together to appreciate the student athletes in the main gym. The Winter Pep-Rally started off with a performance by the Drumline and the  SWMHS Cheerleaders doing a routine.

Next, all of the winter sports teams were announced. Each group walked out and got a few moments of fame. The following are the 2019 winter sports teams: Unified Bombers Basketball, Wrestling, Girls’ & Boys’ Winter Track, Girls’ & Boys’ Swim Teams, Winter Guard, Girls’ & Boys’ Bowling, and Girls’ & Boys’ Basketball. Congratulations to them all for another hardworking season!

Once everyone was introduced, the final event started. Last year we got to see people “fly off” a shark machine, and this year there was another interesting face off. Each grade sent two representatives to participate in jousting.

In jousting, the students were put on a shaky platform and had to hit one another with a lance-like object. Whoever fell first lost the joust. The first group to compete were the freshmen, with Vihaan Shah against Sean Donnamaria. Vihaan won so he went on for the “semi-finals.”

Next, came the sophomores which was Eli Rivera vs another sophomore, and Eli won. The juniors were represented by Jayvis Rayside and Julia Capriglione, with Julia advancing to the next round.

The final groups were the seniors, which was Matt Sissick vs. Bryan Paez and Matt took the win.

In the next round, Eli went against Julia, and that was probably the longest round. In the end Eli advanced to the finals. Against him was Matt, who won the semi-final round against Vihaan. In the end, Matt beat Eli, which was the end of the jousting event.

In the end, this pep rally was different from others. Due to safety reasons, the freshmen class had to watch a live feed of everything from the auditorium. Many of the upper-classmen thought this was amusing, yet most freshmen took this news fine. When asked what he thought of the situation Rohan, a freshman, said that “It was okay, but I felt excluded.”