Devastating cyclone affects millions


Zenia Khan, Staff Writer

Recently a monstrous cyclone devastated the Southern part of Africa. Cyclone Idai hit on March 14, causing mass flooding and over 700 casualties. Many people were affected by this disaster and countless are without homes. Families have been torn apart by this tragedy and have left the country in a state of hysteria.

Some countries that have been affected by this are: Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Hundreds of people have been killed and hundreds of thousands more affected. Even though the cyclone hit Mozambique over a week ago, aid agencies are warning that the disaster is getting worse. Thousands are left without electricity and clean, running water.

To add to the disaster, there is an outbreak of cholera. At least 500 have died from this unforgiving disease and it’s rapidly spreading. The World Health Organization (WHO) said that at least 900,000 vaccine doses would be arriving in the port city this week. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced following the cyclone; exposed to unhygienic conditions, some had little to no access to clean drinking water for more than a week. Cholera is spread through human waste in the water supply. The flood water itself is not the primary risk; instead, the risk comes because the existing drinking water supplies have been damaged by the flooding. The contaminated water puts people at risk.

Currently people are working together and supporting each other in their time of need. People have taken refuge in temporary sites while they continue to look for their loved ones.