Disaster strikes the Yellowhammer states


Ryan Real, Staff Writer

On March 3, 2019, an EF4 tornado struck the southeast part of Alabama (the max being an EF5). The small town of Beauregard was where it reached its maximum intensity. Another tornado that was classified as an EF2 also struck the same area with it being .4 miles away at some points from the EF4. Some areas of Georgia were also affected by the multiple disasters.

The tornado took 23 lives which makes it the deadliest one since 2013. The oldest victim was 89 and the youngest was 6. All of them were killed within a radius of 2 miles, all hailing from Lee County, Alabama. Others are lucky to be alive as the numerous tornadoes destroyed homes and some were in the homes as they were being ravaged.

A local church set up memorials for all the victims of the storm as they continue to recover. Citizens were offered different services as they try to rebuild their lives. President Trump funneled government aid to help with the recovery. As lives were loss, the survivors look to start anew and try to recreate the normalcy they once had.