College scandal leaves many shocked


Aneri Upadhyay, Staff Writer

Getting into college is arguably the hardest part of one’s high school career. The nerves of waiting for an acceptance letter and the pressure of doing the best can be a lot for a teenager. Despite this, many people transcend their struggles and get through it with hard work and dedication. This is why many people were shocked when Lori Loughlin’s daughter, Olivia Jade, was caught in a scandal in which her parents paid money to get her accepted into USC.

This caused an outrage among the public, with labels like “spoiled” and “entitled” being thrown around. People were shocked that someone would do this, especially when there are kids every day who get rejected by their dream schools despite working hard.  Buying your way into college is an extreme form of cheating, which is why there is so much backlash.

Along with Olivia Jade, there are 50 other people involved in the scandal. This shows the severity of the situation and how unjust the system can be. Since the scandal, many businesses have dropped connections with the Loughlin family. Evidence has also come out showing that Jade may have not wanted her parents to pull a bribe and that it was not her idea.

This scandal shows the differences between the elites in society and normal civilians. People with more money were able to pull something like this off and earn rewards by cheating. This disgraces the education system and takes away from those who work hard to succeed in life. If someone has enough money to buy their way into college, they have more ways to cheat the system to get to where they want in life. This is showcased as unfair by most people, seen by the backlash of this scandal.