Spring Break Playlist


Samantha Emolo, Staff Writer

The time of year all hard working students anticipate is here: when the weather gets warmer and the long awaited release from school finally comes. Spring Break is coming, and we all enjoy the mellow vibes the short recess brings. So, of course, this short little playlist features some tracks to help you get ready for our break. 

Track One: Victorious – Panic! At The Disco

Most people, when they think spring break, have two things come to mind: either relaxation and vacation, or crazy fun mixed with parties. This eccentric and upbeat song will put you right in the partying mood. The strong vocals and energizing instrumental combine together for the perfect song to get you pumped for what’s to come.

Track Two: Emergency – Icona Pop

Continuing with that party theme, here’s a song you can’t help but swing your hips to! This song’s instrumental is what pushes it over the top with the beats really getting your feet tapping and your body moving. When spring break comes, you’ll have the perfect song to kick off any dance or party you host. 

Track Three: Doin’ Time – Sublime

This song embodies relaxed and chill vibes. The lyrics are sung in a laid back and easygoing manner, accompanied by music that almost sounds beach-like. It’s gentle and completely encompasses what it’s like to put the stress to rest and take things easy. 

Track Four: Sugar – Maroon 5

Light-hearted vibes are what makes up a relaxing playlist. Whenever I hear the high pitched and upbeat vocals accompanied by the popping instrumentals in this song, I think of a gentle warm breeze blowing by as you sip on a nice, sweet glass of lemonade –  perfect scenario on a nice spring break day. 

Track Five: All The Small Things – Blink-182

A song that gets me bobbing my head along to the chorus would be this little number by Blink-182. Its a song I imagine blasting from the car radio with the sunroof down and the warm air ebbing into the car as you drive down the road with your friends. You only need to hear it once to have the words engraved in your mind, and get you singing along the next time you hear it. It’s catchy, and has that chill vibe you’d like to listen to during spring break.