Newly discovered mineral can reveal information about the earth


Aneri Upadhyay, Staff Writer

Recently, a diamond has been found that contains an unidentified mineral. This mineral was found inside of a piece of rock in the diamond itself. The mineral was recently found in South Africa at the site of a volcano. After being looked over, it was deemed as orginating from more than 100 miles beneath the surface of the Earth.

The mineral was named after Victor Moritz Goldschmidt, a famous geologist who founded crystal chemistry and modern geochemistry. Due to his impact on the field, Goldschmidt was the inspiration behind the mineral, which was dubbed as “goldschmidtite”.

This mineral is rare, due to the chemicals and elements in it. It is composed of mainly potassium and niobium, which are not the dominant elements in the mantle. This demonstrates how uncommon materials joined together.

Goldschmidtite can be used to help scientists and researchers discover more about the Earth’s mantle and the reactions that occur there. It would allow them to use their newfound information to analyze the reactions from another perspective and discover the process behind it. Although the mantle commonly creates diamonds, the minerals in them can contribute to research about how those diamonds were formed and what reactions took place.