Foiled by a Tweet


Ryan Real, Staff Writer

With recent news of an impeachment inquiry, the leader of the free world had something to say about it. The inquiry all began from a phone call made on July 25 between President Trump and the Ukrainian President as well a complaint from a whistle blower. Since then, the Democratic Party has led a push for impeachment.

In a recent interview, Donald J. Trump described the inquiry as a “coup” which is a sudden seizure of power. This comes from his belief that it is “intended to take away the power of the people”, where he continued to list numerous reasons why. He also claims he has survived an attempted coup before with the Mueller report and the alleged  Russian interference in the 2016 election.

While many have different viewpoints on the matter, one pastor says that an impeachment would cause a “Civil War-like fracture in this nation.” With strong campaigns already made for the 2020 election from each side, a tweet has yet again rattled the cage of the nation.