Creativity bubbles in Odyssey of the Mind

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Creativity bubbles in Odyssey of the Mind

Doris Lee, Staff Writer

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Creativity is very important in a student’s experience in school and is heavily encouraged by staff members at SWMHS. But, there is only so much creativity can go in a secluded classroom.

Odyssey of the Mind is an educational program that puts the creative minds of students to the test. The students are sorted into teams and are given a problem that they have to collaboratively solve creatively. These problems can range from building complex, mechanical devices to creating a script that will evolve into a skit.

This club is one that is not easily recognized by the students at SWMHS. It is managed by Mrs. McCabe, a science teacher at the school who has been coaching this club for many years. She has led teams past regionals, states, and even got them to the world finals.

Speaking as a three-year veteran of Odyssey of the Mind, this club is somewhat life-changing, where students meet new people and form close friendships, and it is enjoyable to get to express your creativity, engineering, and acting skills outside a school classroom where there is a judgement-free zone.

Sophomore Reuben Geronimo, a newcomer to Odyssey of the Mind, says “OM is super fun and the overall club and atmosphere is very welcoming. We’re a little weird, actually super weird, but it brings us all together and this club is a good place to go to.”

And a freshmen newcomer, Diya Kadakia, states that, “Although we haven’t been in the club for that long, I know that it will create new and fun experiences for me. I am excited to see how it all works out in the end.”

Odyssey of the Mind has changed a lot of students’ lives and has opened their minds to pursue more creative ideas and teaches students that there is no single way to accomplish or do something. Although the season of Odyssey of the Mind has already started, if you are someone who is artistic, likes to build, writes scripts, or just wants to be creative, try out for Odyssey of the Mind next year.