Students provide exam feedback after first quarter


Rylee Farrar, Staff Writer

As the quarter comes to an end, a student favorite returns: quarterlies. After a long week of exams, students came through with several distinct opinions regarding overall fairness and whether or not their scores were beneficial towards their final grades.

Final exams have been around for decades, and yet the topic continues to spark controversy to this day. The concept is constantly deemed unfair, and upon questioning, students had several opposing views when it came to deciding whether or not quarterlies are an effective way of showcasing progress.

When students were asked whether the final exams benefited or declined their grades, nearly every student chose the latter.

“The quarterly is made up of everything we’ve learned in that quarter, which is why I don’t remember most of the information,” said Darwin Cardoso, a freshman.

These exams are all crammed into one week, which tends to result in all-nighters and a great deal of stress. Many felt as though the provided test dates somewhat impacted their score. Mia Borg, a freshman, explained, “The quarterlies are too closely packed together, especially when there can be multiple in one day. It’s stressful having to prepare for big tests overnight.”

With the constant reminder of grades representing a student’s future, it isn’t a shocker that these exams can be overwhelming. Anxiety and stress can severely impact results and destroy a final grade, even if the previous average was considered mediocre. 

Although these exams are necessary, student opinions seem to vary when it comes to whether or not they are beneficial. Despite the fact that the fairness of quarterlies can be controversial, the test doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and will continue to track a students progress for the time being.