Real Talk: The Truth About Lies

Real Talk: The Truth About Lies

“The truth doesn’t cost anything, but a lie could cost you everything.”

lie [ lahy ] noun

That being said, after interviewing the student body of Sayreville War Memorial High School about this topic, they also realize that it is not impossible and is very likely that every single person in this world lies at least once every single day. With all this information considered, it brings up the question: Why do people lie?

A freshmen, Ysabelle Dela Cruz says, “People lie for selfish and selfless reasons. But with saying that, no one lies just because they want to intentionally trick someone.”

Freshmen Isabelle Diaz, adds onto that statement: “A lot of people use lies to protect themselves and other people.”

From this information, we can conclude that lies will never fully disappear from our lives for two main reasons. One, it makes our lives easier. And two, it makes life seem better than it actually is.

Although lying is not a morally good thing to do, it makes people’s lives more enjoyable, even if it’s made up and fabricated. It’s also automatically put into play when people feel insecure and scared, so they feel like there is no other choice but to lie. Lies have made their way into our everyday lives when something doesn’t go the way we want it to. People can call lies a fail safe, in a way. It being said like this, makes lies seem like the bad guy. But they’re not always intentionally used to inflict pain on others. They can be used for the right reasons but used the wrong way.

As this edition of Real Talk ends, keep in mind that although telling the truth can make life harder, it makes life worth living when you have something to work for and overcome, and creates a world where people can be trusted and counted on.

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