Polio outbreak raises concerns


Aneri Upadhyay, Staff Writer

Polio, a disease thought to be eradicated, still exists in a few cases. It damages one’s nervous system and rapidly causes paralysis in your legs. Its vaccine is required to be given as soon as someone is born in order to prevent any risk of contracting the virus.

A recent case broke out in Malaysia and there have been controversies about the disease in Nigeria and Pakistan.

Recently, 196 children caught polio, resulting in them becoming paralyzed. They are from 12 different countries within Africa. This raises concerns over whether anything can be done to fix and prevent the virus from becoming worse, as well as from spreading to other nations. The virus is classified as Polio type 2 and developed from the vaccine.

Luckily, scientists are already attempting to counter the virus and make a new vaccine to serve as a solution.

Many people in both Pakistan and Nigeria have been refusing to allow their children to take the vaccine. This has many reasons behind it, from not believing that they will work to the vaccine going against their personal beliefs. Many people believe that the vaccines will control them or are persuaded by relatives or friends who have not faced any negative consequences from not becoming vaccinated.

Polio is a serious disease. It attacks babies who have no say in preventing themselves from getting it. Scientists are working to develop a vaccine quickly and make sure that the disease does not spread like it once had. Precautions have to be made to ensure that no one else will get hurt in this battle against Polio.