First living robot is made from frog stem cells




Aneri Upadhyay, Staff Writer

US researchers have recently created the first ever living robot, dubbed the “xenobot”.

They used stem cells from African clawed frogs and transformed them into microscopic machines that move around in their steam.  Scientists have experimented with the type of robots they can make, as well as the various possibilities of features these futuristic machines can have.  One newly invented robot has legs that help it jump, while another has a pouch similar to a kangaroo.

This is important because it is a monumental discovery. This could change the way the world is by bringing in robots to our world. Although they are small now, who knows how prominent they will be in 20 years?

Because these robots are from live materials, they posses the ability to heal themselves.  This brings more human-like qualities to them, allowing for them to behave like normal organisms such as animals and humans.

These robots are on the way to great things. They can be equipped for a variety of tasks that were previously impossible due to human limitations. Some ideas in the future for these machines are to help decrease pollution, decrease toxins, increase helpful drugs in the body, and help remove unwanted material from the human body.

Many people are cautious of these machines, but scientists ensured that the xenobots have a low probability of doing harm.  The protection of the robots is being called into question due to the ethics behind stem cells and whether or not it qualifies as “life”.

No matter what these robots end up being used for, they may increase in popularity in the near future.