Anime: Looking for a Change in Pace?

If you’re looking for a new genre of film to indulge in, here are three animated films/series to get you started. Although at times the term ‘anime’ gets a bad reputation, it is really just like any other film, except drawn. Good ways to start in this genre are to pick films or series that suit your taste, whether you like horror or romance. If you don’t know where to start here are some light starter suggestions. 

If the thought of these types of films intrigue you but you don’t necessarily want to devote yourself to watching episodes everyday, here are some films that display their plot line and storytelling.

1.An older example that is suggested is the movie Spirited Away directed by Hayao Miyazaki which tells a story of a little girl named Chihiro who stumbles upon an abandoned amusement park where evil spirits go to rest. She and her parents are eventually trapped and she works to help them escape. This is a story about a girl maturing and becoming more independent and hard working rather than being reliant and avoiding labor, except with a supernatural twist.

2.If a more realistic toned-down movie is what you’re looking for,  A Silent Voice directed by Naoko Yamada features the misunderstanding between young children. Shoya Ishida is a young boy who is outgoing and curious but when a hearing-impaired girl (Shouko Nishimiya) transfers schools he can’t seem to comprehend her inability to hear. This shows how young people can often act standoffish to things that they don’t understand. This movie displays a glimpse into both the victim and bully’s lives, which gives us insight on how people can change and start to understand with nothing more than an effort to communicate.

3. Now for those who want to jump into series right away, there’s a slightly mainstream anime called My Hero Academia. This has become mainstream in America so it is very likely that you have seen art or clothing, or merchandise for this franchise. It mainly focuses on the struggles of living in a world where it is normal to develop a super power in your toddler years. A boy named Izuku Midoriya is powerless or ‘quirkless’ as they say and this show follows his adventure with his friends. The first three seasons are toned down and fairly calm compared to the latest release. It is a good warm up for what is to come if you choose to continue watching the show.               


Displayed here is a list of suggested anime for those who have already explored this genre: 

Death Note

Blue Exorcist 

Mob Psycho 100

One Punch Man 

Fairy Tail

One Piece 


Kuroko No Basket 

Attack on Titan

FullMetal Alchemist (Brotherhood)