Life on Venus?


Aneri Upadhyay, Staff Writer

It may seem crazy that any other planet can inhibit life as Earth has, but the possibility is not unrealistic.

Recently, researchers have potentially found a gas on Venus that is similar to one on Earth. This gas is only caused by a certain living molecule, prompting researchers to re-examine their perception of Venus itself.

This discovery, if supported, could change the way that astronomers view our solar system. Venus is known for its extremely hot atmosphere, with a surface temperature of around 797° Fahrenheit. This is hardly supportive of any form of life. However, the possibility of life transferring from Earth to Venus opens up new doors for astronomers.

There are many skeptics surrounding this new notion. They question the validity of sustainable life on Venus and the process in which phosphine entered the planet’s atmosphere. It is possible that parts of Earth have been ricocheted off towards Venus due to asteroids. This would account for the presence of the phosphine. Of course, research needs to be conducted, as with all hypotheses. There are many unknowns, and we will not know for sure whether biological beings can survive on Venus until those unknowns are eliminated.

What do you think? Can there be life on Venus in the future?