Covid-19 Surpasses One Million Recorded Deaths


Rylee Farrar, Staff Writer

On January 11, 2020, China reported its first Coronavirus death. Nearly ten months later, over one million deaths have been documented, and a nearby halt remains unlikely.

With delayed government response towards the deadly virus, cases spread from Wuhan, China to practically all parts of the globe at a rapid pace. While social distancing and facemasks play a considerably large role in slowing down the illness, the risks taken from late quarantining have been undoubtedly severe in Covid’s progress.

Due to the lack of information about the Coronavirus, vaccine timing seems to be unpredictable. Although the journey has been a long one for many, professional understanding of the virus remains minuscule for the time being.

The United States currently holds the record for most deaths, maintaining a frightening total of around 205,000. New York City makes up 20,000 of this number.

Despite businesses and other public areas reopening, those who do not stay indoors are advised to wear masks and avoid close contact with others. While the future of Covid-19 remains unclear, safety and awareness are top priorities in order to achieve positive change.