The New Old News: A Student Podcast


Christa Suchcicki, Staff Writer

Podcast popularity is on the rise, and the reasons are entirely clear. Whether it can be for studying, relaxing, or just for entertainment, people tune into podcasts to help their productivity.

One podcast sets a unique footprint in the podcast world: The New Old News. Run by senior student Kamil Szczech, he combines the modern events of current history with a touch of old history mixed in with his own opinions.

I heard the podcast through a social media post, and I decided to check it out.

Szczech divides his podcast into two sections, one that focuses on more of the modern news of the world and the current events while the other is a historical discussion along with historical figures such as Napoleon and George Washington.

Episodes normally last for about an hour including little music breaks.

Szczech does not hesitate to speak his mind, although he keeps his refined tone and choice of words. He hopes to bring a podcast that is not supposed to be the most peaceful into something that is surprisingly calming.

But, what about this podcast can make others be interested in it? Is it the deep topics? A point of view that is not aggressive? Just a little bit of comedy in there to spice things up?

Whatever you are into, this is a podcast to add to your list.

It can be found on Spotify and yes, it is free.

There is also an Instagram as well: @thenewoldnews and a Gmail account to send messages to: [email protected]

As somebody who does not regularly watch podcasts, this was something new to the table and I believe that one day, it could be the next best podcast. The potential in it is promising and it overall is a very entertaining podcast to listen to.