Earth’s 2nd “Moon” Soon to Disappear


Aneri Upadhyay, Staff Writer

Most people are unaware of the Earth’s second moon. It has recently made its way into Earth’s orbit. Between Earth and the moon, this minimoon is actually a rocket booster from the 60s. Although it has only been in our orbit since September, it will soon drift off into space, forever lost.

Nicknamed 2020 SO, it will come close to Earth on February 2, and it will be 140,000 miles from Earth.

Afterward, it is reported to be out of orbit by March. This is significant because it then won’t be orbiting Earth as a “second moon”. Instead, it will just be circling the sun, making it less extraordinary.

It seems like 2020 SO was made to orbit Earth, as it has come close to it in 1966. The man-made object will be in close quarters with Earth for a week, and until it is gone, it is important to acknowledge the “moon” with the respect it deserves.