Prince Philip’s Death and it’s Impact on the United Kingdom


Rylee Farrar, Staff Writer

Mere weeks following the Duke of Edinburgh’s departure from St. Bartholomew’s hospital, Prince Philip’s passing was announced on April 9, 2021. He was 99 years old. The duke had previously complained about feeling ill and went to King Edward VII’s hospital where he was admitted for heart surgery.

Queen Elizabeth II later approved a period of national mourning during which union flags are to be flown at half-mast. While it is not completely necessary, businesses may close during the mourning if desired. A national minute of silence is due to be held on the day of the funeral.

The period will last for eight consecutive days, ending the day following Prince Philip’s funeral. This will also include a suspension of public political campaigns, excluding information regarding COVID-19.

Because of the pandemic, it is urged that flowers and other physical tributes used to pay respects are not incorporated in any ceremonies in order to reduce the chances of infection.

During this time of sorrow, it can be assumed that the British Monarchy will face great mourning over the loss of such a significant figure in the royal family.