Large asteroids to pass near Earth


Getty Images/iStockphoto

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Aneri Upadhyay, Staff Writer

4.5 million miles may not seem very close, but that is the distance between a huge asteroid and Earth when it moves past the planet. It is 600 feet wide and known as 2021 KT1. Flying at speeds of above 40,000 miles per hour, the asteroid will not be dangerous, even if it is watched within a close proximity.

Other asteroids have, and will, also fly near Earth in the upcoming weeks. One close encounter happened in April, when 2021 GW4 was a mere 12,000 miles away from Earth when it passed at 18,700 miles per hour.

This week, there are harmless asteroids passing Earth; all of them are the size of airplanes. These asteroids were meant to orbit the sun but strayed because of each planet’s individual gravity.

Earth has not been hit by an asteroid in years, and the upcoming ones will be as harmless as asteroids  usually have been.  NASA is currently experimenting on finding a way to change the path of an asteroid in case it becomes dangerous one day.