Class Council Elections


Christa Suchcicki, Staff Writer

One of the main highlights of the beginning of the year is the election for the Class and Student Councils. Often, more than one person will run for a certain spot, which means that they have to advertise their name like crazy or just hope that their social status will carry them through the election. This year for the Class of 2022, there was fierce competition for the top rank: The Class Council President. Five girls competed and advertised with different goals, promises, and motives.

The first nominee for Class Council President was reigning Class Council President Jenelle Luis. Luis has been the Class Council President for three years and two of the years that she ran, nobody ran against her. Jenelle has proven that she could lead, but would she be able to keep her streak?

The second nominee was Kayla Damoah. Kayla is a part of the cheerleading squad and did, in fact, run against Jenelle one year; however, she lost the election. In this election, it could possibly be a second chance to redeem herself.

The third nominee is actually a little bit of a shocker and a plot twist. Diya Shah, Vice President of the Class Council for the past 3 years, took a risk by sacrificing her already powerful position for the top rank. Diya showcases her leadership abilities through conducting meetings for multiple clubs and obtaining the role of State Representative for DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America). But, will that be enough to carry her to victory?

The fourth nominee is a new fresh face to the scene. Grace Maidment is a girl that loves the stage. With her prominent passion in music, singing, and dancing, she takes the phrase “All the World’s A Stage” quite literally. What made her campaign so unique was that she made a slideshow. Furthermore, she is someone that is very open about her appealing ideas, making her a promising candidate.

Finally, the last nominee was me, Christa Suchcicki. For years, I have wanted to run for Class Council President, but due to self esteem and confidence issues, I never felt that I could run. This year, I decided to just go for it and take the risk, just as Diya herself did. It was exciting to run, not because I wanted to win or run as a joke, but because I was able to prove to myself that I could overcome my self-confidence issues.

So, at the end of the voting period, who won?

Kayla Damoah took the crown and the Class Council President Position. This is a new president and many are wondering what changes and events she is planning to bring to the school. Congratulations to Kayla and for everybody else that ran as the effort that was put into each contestant’s campaign did not go unnoticed.