Is Black Friday Really That Dangerous?


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Lauren Ciudad, Staff Writer

Many teens today probably recall being warned not to go out shopping on Black Friday when they were kids (unless, of course, their parents wanted in on the sweet deals, too). It’s difficult to push through crowds, find a parking spot, or even get the product you’re looking for. It’s comical to think about adults fighting over who gets the last Barbie or Hess toy truck, but it’s actually considered an awfully dangerous shopping event. The question is: Can we even consider Black Friday 2021 dangerous? 

Black Friday tends to bring out the worst in many, and is the cause of many injuries (parents’ advice certainly wasn’t a joke).  Accidents can even happen in the parking lot – there have been a large number of serious injuries due to running over pedestrians. Not only that, but it’s more common than one would think to slip and fall in stores while shopping. Many in-store injuries can occur, including being trampled by excited shoppers. A Walmart employee was tragically trampled to death in 2008 by a huge sea of shoppers. 

If not keeping up with sources such as the Black Friday Death Count or the news around the holiday season, it’s easy to miss stories like this. But, due to COVID-19 struggles, the last few Black Fridays have been less than enthusiastic. So, the first full year back on our feet must be awful, right? Not really. 

Due to a rise in online shopping and companies like Amazon, it’s safe to infer that Black Friday may eventually become nothing more than history. As more companies begin to rely more on their online presence after the big wave of the pandemic, in-store shoppers may decline. Why go out and trample each other when Cyber Monday is a safer, easier option? 

Still, it’s nice to visit your favorite stores with friends (safely), even if you come home with something big like a laptop or a bike.