SAT Will Become Online Starting 2024

SAT Will Become Online Starting 2024

Rishi Shah, Staff Writer

The SAT, a college admissions exam that has always been linked with paper and pencil, will soon become entirely digital.

Just a few days ago, The College Board announced that beginning in 2024, students in the United States will be able to take the SAT totally online. In the testing facilities, students will take the SAT on laptops and iPads. The test will be reduced from three hours to two, with shorter reading passages and calculators permitted for the math component.

The College Board claims it’s all for the sake of increasing relevance and accessibility. The SAT improvements will make the test more accessible, which is a positive thing for all students. However, testing will continue to take place at a test center or a school, but students will be allowed to select between utilizing their own devices — such as a tablet or a laptop — or the devices provided by the schools.

The College Board earlier abandoned plans to give an at-home digital exam due to concerns about students’ ability to obtain three hours of uninterrupted internet and electricity. Furthermore, the redesigned SAT will be built to autosave, ensuring that students do not lose work or time when reconnecting.