History Repeating? Russia Invades Ukraine


Doris Lee, Editor

The world is currently undergoing yet another monumental event with the Russia-Ukraine war, which commenced with the official launch of Russia’s full-scale invasion of the European country on February 24, 2022. With startling imagery to that of two of the most prominent moments in history, the Cold War and World War II, the Russia-Ukraine war has raised significant concern amongst individuals across many nations, thus stressing the importance of staying well-informed on the topic and recent news regarding the situation.

Russia-Ukraine War and its Origins

Tensions between the two European countries have existed since 2014 but have escalated drastically with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s bold initiatives and goals for the country. In several news reports, Putin has claimed that he is striving “for the demilitarization and de-Nazification of Ukraine, as well as bringing to justice those who committed numerous bloody crimes against civilians.” However, many questioned the validity of this statement due to the absence of prominent fascist threats within the Ukrainian government. Therefore, many are speculating that Putin is releasing these forms of propaganda in order to take over Ukraine and, subsequently, end its status as an independent sovereign state through military means.

What is Happening Now?

The Russia-Ukraine War continues to persist with Russian troops, planes, and missiles attacking major Ukrainian cities and ports. As of right now, there are at least 23,000 deaths, 1,900 injuries, 10 million displacements, and 1,700 buildings destroyed (amounting to a total of $565 billion in property damage).

Seeing this scale of destruction unfold before them, many Ukrainians, as well as other supporters around the world, are holding non-violent protests against the Russian occupation of the country. Although there has been widespread publicity on these rallies, there has not been much success as many protesters have been detained and arrested.

What Can You Do to Help?

Even if one does not reside in Europe, there are still ways that individuals worldwide can help. Organizations such as UNICEF and Sunflower of Peace are working to provide medical assistance to the injured, as well as food, water, and other necessities to refugees and victims.