Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again…

SWMHS’s first full musical since the pandemic hits the stage soon.


Lauren Ciudad, Staff Writer

Here we go again! Back on the stage, SWMHS’s Theatre Society is excited to bring a production packed with fun musical numbers and all the drama. But, the drama might have been what our students missed most. The SWMHS stage hasn’t seen a full musical production since the spring musical (and tragedy) of Sondheim’s West Side Story in 2019. While The Hunchback of Notre Dame was still in the works, many students in Mamma Mia! didn’t get the chance to perform, and many seniors didn’t take their final bows. 

This year’s seniors are thrilled to be performing again. Samantha Shaw, a theatre veteran and seasoned performer, takes center stage as one of the leading ladies, Donna Sheridan. “It doesn’t really feel like my last show,” Shaw says, “I’ve done every production that I could, but I still feel like an underclassman!” 

Unlike our seniors, the underclassmen themselves are getting the high school’s Spring Musical experience for the first time ever. Sophomore Marissa Rowley is no stranger to show biz but is finally getting a chance to play Sophie Sheridan, Donna’s “energetic, fun-loving girl” of a daughter. “She’s a dream role of mine and I’m so grateful to be playing her,” says Rowley. 

However, our young performers have overcome challenges delving deeper into their characters and gaining an understanding of their intentions and emotions – a practice highly encouraged by Director Laura DiStaulo. Rowley, whose understanding of the role has greatly matured and changed, says that Sophie “wears her heart on her sleeve, unlike her mother.” The young actress expressed her struggle with her character, finding it hard to discover what Sophie’s objectives were in each scene. Shaw’s character, Donna, is a single mother running a hotel by herself. “The main thing to know about her is that Sophie, her daughter, is her number one concern,” Shaw revealed in her interview. “It’s very sweet and can be seen throughout the show, which is the best part about her character.” 

Though SWMHS recognizes that Shaw will soon be slipping through our fingers, she says, “I would just [like to] say thank you to everyone who has helped me over the past four years! The cast members have taught me something new with each performance and every crew member has made me feel supported.” Marissa Rowley also showed her love for the Theatre Society. “We are all one big family,” she says. 

Take a chance on the cast of Mamma Mia! Come see performances Friday, March 25 at 7 PM, or Saturday, March 26 at 1 and 7 PM.