Why Do We Need Spring Break?


Getty Images/iStockphoto

the text spring break written in the sand of a beach

Lauren Ciudad, Staff Writer

Taking breaks after a long time of tedious work can be refreshing. You can get up from your desk and stretch a bit, perhaps take a walk, or find something else to do for a short while. This concept remains the same on a larger scale. Sometimes escaping loads of schoolwork can be beneficial. 

Spring break has become a week that many youngsters look forward to every school year, whether that be for a vacation to the Bahamas, or just to stay at home and play video games. But who knew that week was actually super helpful?

Spring break isn’t just good for your body’s physical health, but also great for the mind. With the amount of stress that students wrestle with today, it’s actually best that they get some sort of mental rest. All the research papers, presentations, projects, and their next sports game can really do a number on the mental health of young teens. 

On top of this, you’ll seem happier after the break. (Unless, of course, you’ve been dreading the return of school this whole time, preparing for this first week back to be a nightmare.) But even so, in that case, it was better to get at least a bit of rest and time with family. You needed it. You deserved it. 

Your body will thank you.