Our town Sayreville is a great town, and I think this poem is a  great way to honor our town and what it has been through.  I hope you like this poem!

Rishi Shah, Staff Writer



                 Our town is Stunning

                     And truly Amazing

            One reason whY is that we believe in unity

               Our town is  Resilient                                 

                         EnhancEd in all stands

                Our town is Valiant and robust,

                    when we are together

                   We are an Inspiration to many 

                  As we are  Lovely to all

            And delightfuL in many ways

       This is all becausE our town cares and knows, 

                     how to stick out to each other,

                  And is ready  to face all on its way

                     From hurricanes to pandemics, 

                         Sayreville has faced it all,

             With its support and contributions,

                         From people like us!