Math Club: Holiday Meeting

Rishi Shah , Staff Writer

On December 21, Sayreville War Memorial High School’s Math Club hosted its 3rd meeting of the year. The board members worked hard on organizing the meeting and planning games to play. They advertised on Instagram a few days prior to the meeting and also on Google Classroom. Plus, they attached flyers around the school and student representatives were promoting our club meeting as well.

The meeting started with an Escape the Grinch’s Hideout to Whoville escape room set up by Rishi Shah and Marissa Mandola with the help and support of the rest of the board.

It was something new and fun and everyone playing seemed to enjoy it. The goal of this escape room was to not only reinforce math skills but also make the members compete with each other to finish the escape room first.  There was holiday music playing in the background.  After around 25 minutes, a member finished the escape room and won a prize.

Following the escape room, dues were collected from new members and members who had yet to pay. Snacks were then served among members and the Math Club called it a day. It was yet another successful general meeting.