SACC Presents Mehndi Night


Jasmine Kohli, Staff Writer

South Asian Cultural Club hosted a mehndi night, a night filled with fun, music, food, and menhdi! The South Asian Cultural Club, or SACC, is a new club that focuses on engaging and teaching others about the different South Asian cultures. A big part of South Asia is mehndi, more commonly known as henna.

Mehndi (or henna) is a type of body art that originates from India. Mehndi is most commonly seen on brides to be; before the wedding a mehndi ceremony is hosted were the bride’s hand and feet are stained with the orange and brown dye.

The SACC hosted a mock mehndi ceremony on February 17. Guests were able to get their mehndi done and also try typical Indian dishes such as chili paneer and samosas. The night was also enjoyed with Bollywood music and a lot of dancing. Mehndi night was definitely much fun and wouldn’t have been possible without the SACC board members.