International Society Hosts February Italy Meeting


Rylee Farrar, Staff Editor

On February 28, International Society invited its members to join them for their monthly meeting. This month, the club hosted Italian foods, music, and activities.

International Society works to teach its members to appreciate different cultures around the world. Other meeting from the 2022-23 school year have included Guyana, Trinidad, Winter Holidays, and Pakistan.

Several members were initially introduced to a “Capture the Flag” activity, in which teammates were required to ask “yes” or “no” questions to others. When a player responded to the question with a “no,” they were instructed to give up a flag to the opponent. The player with the most flags at the end of the icebreaker was declared the winner of the match.

Following this activity, members played a physical activity similar to “Steal the Bacon.” Other members decorated their own pizza drawings with toppings of their choice.

Finally, when students finished the activities, board members served an arrangement of classic Italian dishes. Three different varieties of pastas were provided, including spaghetti, bow ties, and rotini.

As a dessert, members were each served a dish with cannoli chips and dip. Several flavors of sparkling drinks were also available.

Cannoli chips and dip served to students.

Overall, the International Society members had a blast and were thrilled to learn more about the culture of their fellow students!