SWMHS Theater Presents Little Mermaid


Jasmine Kohli, Staff Writer

SWMHS’s Theater Society presented a production of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”.  The theater society exhibited a musical form of the movie, with the plot being told by various songs, along with dialogue. The production took place three times, and there was also a special understudy performance. Many also praised the works of the understudy and felt that all three productions were remarkable. The musical began with an opening number from the orchestra, followed with dialogue between Ariel (Grace Herrick), Flounder (Marissa Rowley), and Scuttle (Lauren Ciudad). The orchestra included various instruments such as the French horn, violin, etc. As the performance went on, the audience was introduced to more songs and characters.

During certain songs, members of the audience were even given a chance to interact with the musical. For example, in the performance of “Under the Sea”, audience members blew bubbles to illustrate a true “Under the Sea”-like environment.  A fan-favorite performance was “Daddy’s Little Angel” by Ursula (Ryan Yuhas), Flotsam (Marissa Fernandez), and Jetsam (Quinn Guerra).

Furthermore, another enjoyed act was performed by the Mersisters (Aubrey Alberta, Gianna Roman, Kelley French, Kristy Garcia, Maryam Hamama) and Sebastian (Kwabena Adjei). Not only did all of the actors/actresses exhibit an exceptional performance, but also the crews (business, makeup, set, stage, light, etc.) who worked backstage.

The musical ends with all the characters joining the stage for a “Final Ultimo” in which Ariel (Grace Herrick) and Prince Eric (Travis Gaston) get married. The performers were met with a standing ovation by the audience members.  For many of the actors and actresses, this moment was almost bittersweet as it was their last performance before graduating. The entire theater society was given much praise for their production.