AP Exams are Approaching – Here’s How You Can Prepare


Rylee Farrar, Staff Editor

This year’s AP exams are less than a month away, beginning on May 1 and continuing up until May 12. With this end-of-year assessment approaching faster than ever, students should be preparing for the material that will be included on the exam.

There are a wide range of AP courses available, ranging from math, to art, to world language, and more. These classes are intended to be more rigorous than the average high school course, and they seek to prepare students for college level experiences. Students who participate in these classes may be eligible to receive college credits, along with potentially bypassing certain college requirements.

At the end of each year, students taking these courses are required to take an AP exam in order to test the skills and information they have learned throughout the span of the class. The grades in which students earn are reported based on a 5-point scale,  and the score received helps colleges determine how eligible a student is for credits.

But how should a student prepare for such a large assessment? Many sources advise students to begin preparing as early as three months before the scheduled AP exam, but others argue that studying for a few hours up to 20 weeks before the exam is even more beneficial.

Every student has a different approach when it comes to studying, but students should focus on areas they may have struggled in throughout the school year. This means that it truly does depend on the student to gauge how much study time is necessary in order to prepare for the exam. Regardless, it is crucial to avoid cramming for the test in order to perform well, especially since they tend to range from 2-3 hours long.

Some recommended methods of studying include using flashcards, textbooks and workbooks specific to the course, and online review guides. There are hundreds of ways to make studying more interesting by switching up one’s approach. Group study sessions with peers may also be helpful, since it forces students to hold themselves accountable and also assists them with individuals who are studying the same material.

Although AP exams can cause stress and anxiety for many students, it is important to remember that they are only tests. It is important not to allow oneself to become extremely overwhelmed, and maintaining a positive mental state will only promote positive test performance.

Good luck to all those who are participating in the AP exams this season!