Motivational Melodies : A Playlist to Inspire

Music is a powerful art form and all genres can bring out various emotions. The moving lyrics and musical accompaniment can fill a person with sadness or happiness depending on its meaning. With this playlist, we hope to inspire people to be motivated and give their tasks and trials all they have. These tracks pump us up and drive us to keep going, so we wish for them to do the same to you!

Track I:My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em’ Up)” – Fall Out Boy

There’s a reason this song is normally played before sports games! Between the pumped up instrumental (especially at the chorus) and the energetic vocals, we started off strong with a song that can get anyone ready for action. Personally, I use this song to get me pumped up and ready to tackle softball games or when working out. Anyone can find their energies high after listening to this track!

Track II:Stand My Ground” – Within Temptation

The title already gives away how motivational this song can be. “Stand My Ground” has some very powerful lyrics, giving you the drive to face any problems thrown your way. No matter how hopeless or challenging it may be, stand your ground and never give in. Keep going and keep pushing towards your happy end, and take it. When faced with a rough patch in your life, this song will lift you up and give you the strength you need to press on, despite all odds.

Track III:This is War” – Thirty Seconds to Mars

War itself is such a dark and morbid topic. It shows us how horrid humanity can be and that there are no true winners when it comes down to it, but in this song’s case, the imagery the song brings shows the hopeful side of war. The song shows that despite all the pain and obstacles faced by war, the peace and prosperity it brings is worth the fight. I compare war to the challenges life throws at me, and I proudly raise my weapons knowing it will get better after the battle is done. My fighting spirit can always be ignited by this motivational song.

Track IV:Superhero” – Simon Curtis

Everyone can use a little self-confidence booster, and this track certainly does the trick. The up-beat instrumental keeps you moving and the lyrics fill you with the drive to get out and make a difference. It shows that you don’t need anyone to believe in you and as along as you yourself believe in your goal, you can accomplish anything. Anytime I need to feel motivated or need a quick self-confidence boost about how I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, I put on this song to pump up my day. After all, who doesn’t want to be a Superhero?

Track V:Warriors” – Imagine Dragons

Never count yourself out, especially after working so hard for something. “Warriors” has a somber and quiet instrumental that blows up into a more powerful and louder flow as the song progresses. It shows that you can fight tooth and nail for your dreams, and your hardwork will not go unheard. You have to rise and prove yourself to get your desired outcome. To have your dreams realized, you should be a warrior with an endless fighting spirit. Never give up in what you believe in.

Track VI:Grown Woman” – Beyoncé

Beyoncé completely nails it with this song. She perfectly reflects confidence, self-respect and success all in one song. The instrumental in the background mixed with the inspirational lyrics makes you feel fierce. Women can do anything they set their mind to, their dreams can and will become reality. This song makes you dance around your room and sing along as loud as you can. It often helps me get out of a groove of self doubt sometimes. “Grown Woman” is such a “pick me up” song, especially when you feel the need to reassure yourself you can do whatever you set your mind to.

Track VII:Once In Awhile” – Timeflies

You have nothing to be afraid of as long as you believe in yourself. And as the song expresses – it’s okay to feel down or afraid but don’t focus on that feeling – instead focus on the positive side of things. Catch yourself in a glum state and think of the promising aspects in life and just let go of your worries once in awhile. This song gets me going through the rough patches in my life, and resonates with me on a personal level. I can genuinely let go and have fun with this song. The beat makes you want to dance and sing to your heart’s content.

Track VIII:So Alive” – Goo Goo Dolls

You can make any wish turn into reality with the right amount of hard work and determination. Don’t be scared to put yourself out there and make risks to achieve what you want in your life. You’ll feel alive when you accomplish something you once wished about and done with hard work. This song is perfect for motivation to finish that project that seems to just keep dragging on. It’s ideal for that last vote of confidence you need to go through with a hard decision. You’ll never truly know the feeling until you experience it yourself: don’t take someone’s opinion to heart, encounter it on your own.

Track IX:The Greatest” – Sia

Be the greatest version of yourself and never give up. The beat makes you never want to stop moving and the beautiful lyrics encourage me to work through the exhaustion to achieve my goals. Sia’s songs always carry an important message that can really help someone if they’re in need of validation. This song helps pump me up before a dance performance and the feeling of self-assurance and confidence stays with me through it all. It’s okay to be the greatest, and never back down from your glory if it’s well deserved.

Track X:Undefeatable” – Young Rising Sons

You should never back down from your goals in the event of a roadblock that you feel is impossible to overcome, because it is possible. If you ever get knocked down, get back up again but this time stronger and undefeatable. This song’s melody calms me and at the same time, motivates me to try my hardest to fight my way to the top. The lyrics inspire you to strive to work and achieve anything you desire. I listen to this song to influence me to do my best while working on my art. It genuinely inspires me to do my best work and make it unforgettable.


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