The Future of Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Aneri Upadhyay, Staff Writer

The earth’s temperature has been steadily increasing for decades, the rise of global warming not far behind. Ice caps have melted and environments have been destroyed. Every day, people are warned about the effects of their carbon footprint. However, there may be a possibility that carbon dioxide can be used to fuel planes in the future, creating a new use for greenhouse emissions.

Researchers have discovered that this is possible due to a catalyst that can turn CO2 into fuel for airplanes. This is revolutionary because the carbon dioxide would replace the oil normally used for jet fuel, so planes’ carbon footprints can be reduced in a way never thought of before.

This catalyst is made up of iron rather than something expensive, making it more accessible to scientists. It was seen to help divide the carbon and oxygen and push the carbon towards hydrogen.

Planes make up a little more than a tenth of travel CO2 emissions, so this catalyst can help prominently improve the air and the damage that has been done to it.