Women’s History Month

Why is it important?


Lauren Ciudad, Staff Writer

Similar to other awareness months or months of celebration, Women’s History Month is an important time for students to learn about both inside or outside of school. However, just like the other awareness months, too, many students may not know where this celebration started. 


Like Black History Month, Women’s History Month started as only a week in 1978. Because of International Women’s Day, the week happened to fall around March 8. President Carter soon labeled the week of March 8 as National Women’s History Week in 1980. 

This continued until Congress passed a law officially declaring March as Women’s History Month. Many Presidents after Carter also continued to acknowledge the importance of Women’s History Month, along with many improvements made towards society as well as general achievements. 


In teaching students about the achievements of women in history, female students are especially encouraged to follow their own path and career. Not only this, but educators encourage these children to succeed. Perhaps one day, they, too, will be honored during Women’s History Month.