Celebrating Super Bowl 54


Kavita Parasuraman, Editor-in-Chief

The Sundays of the end of January and beginning of February are filled with many exciting events. Like two Sundays ago, the 62nd Grammy Awards took place and this past Sunday it was the 54th Super Bowl. Now on this upcoming Sunday, the 92nd Oscars are going to be happening. You might not enjoy all these events or even might enjoy all of them, but either way here’s a little of what happened at this year’s Super Bowl.

The tradition is that before the game starts the National Anthem is performed, and this year Demi Lovato was chosen. She sang it in under two minutes, which she has accomplished at many of her other performances of this composition during other sporting events.

The first half began and the 49ers were able to score a field goal (3 points), when one of their players threw an incomplete pass into the Chief’s territory. As the first quarter was ending, the Chiefs’ quarterback, Mahomes, scored a touchdown which put the Chiefs ahead of the 49ers when the first quarter ended.

Once the second quarter started the ball was intercepted which led the Chiefs to posses it and eventually getting them a field goal. The 49ers were able to catch up by scoring their first touchdown and so the first half of the game ended with uncertainty of which team was going to win.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the Super Bowl is the half-time show and this year Shakira and Jenifer Lopez put on a wonderful performance. Both singers sang many of their best hits like, “Let’s Get Loud” and “Waka Waka,” in addition to covering topics they care about, like the border crisis, Lopez’s pride for her Puerto Rican roots, and Colombian dance. With all this, Lopez’s daughter also sang, and Bad Bunny and J Balvin came as special guests.

Once the jam-packed performance came to an end, the second half of the Super Bowl began. The game’s tie was broken when the 49ers got another field goal which put them ahead of the Chiefs by three points. Before this quarter ended, the 49ers were ahead, as they got another touchdown putting the score at 20-10.

It was time for the final quarter of the 54th Super Bowl and the winner still seemed uncertain. Even though the 49ers were ahead, anything could happen in the last 15 minutes of the game. It seemed that the 49ers weren’t going to let the Chiefs make a touchdown, but the Chiefs proved otherwise and made another touchdown now putting the score at 20-17. The Chiefs didn’t stop there because they kept playing hard and made two more touchdowns, and you know what that means. They were the winners of the 54th Super Bowl and were going to take the Vince Lombardi Trophy back to Kansas City after five decades. The final score was 31 for the Chiefs and 20 for the 49ers, and even though they didn’t win the 49ers played really well.

Other than the actual game and half time show, many new advertisements are aired on this day. As a viewer of these advertisements there were many funny ones like the Alexa ad (starring Ellen) and even sad ones like Google’s Loretta advertisement. I think the one that got a lot of people talking was Hulu’s ad starring Tom Brady who was the cause of rumors about his retirement, but turned out the picture he had posted was from the Hulu advertisement.

In the end it was an enjoyable game and worth the watch!