Q & A: What was the best experience of this year so far?

Q & A: What was the best experience of this year so far?

Christa Suchcicki, Staff Writer

We’re halfway through the third quarter of the school year. They say that high school goes by fast, and they are right. Throughout high school, its many experiences clumped into four years of your life, a lot of things can happen in this period. So, for the 2019-2020 school year, what was your best experience so far?

“Making lasting memories with my friends.”- Ewurabeana Amush, sophomore

“Doing the school play!”- Kymberly Ramos-Perkins, sophomore

“Taking naps in class sometimes.” – Niurkay Acevedo, sophomore

“Furthering exploring my passion for band and color guard.” – Alanna Konell, freshman

“3rd period biology and my lab table.”- Andrian Kadykalo, sophomore

“Meeting new people!”- Julia Mazzola, sophomore

“Electives and foreign languages.”- Mary Schmenco, sophomore

“ROTC.”- Brieann Kehoe, junior

“Improving my art and spending quality time with my friends.”- Ella Sanchez, sophomore

“Getting to know more people and stepping out of my usual comfort zone.”- Hannah Clerk, sophomore

“Walking to classes with my friends.”- Allison Balka, sophomore

“Lunch.”- Allison Midianga, sophomore

“When my friends and I are bored in class and we make random stuff.”- Nick Santamaria, sophomore

“The beginning of winter break.”- Chandler Letso, junior

“Making endless memories with my friends in school.” – Gabe Santos, sophomore

“The beginning of every day when I hang out with my friends.”- Miuni Wijerathne, sophomore

“Writing and drawing all day.”- Annabel Squire, sophomore

“Getting my permit.”- Kyle O’Connell, junior

“Spanish class, sometimes.”- Brandon Illa, junior

“Having random discussions in class.”- Jeremais Vieira, sophomore


Just because the year is almost over, doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to make lasting memories with your friends! High School isn’t just about sitting in a desk and doing work, there are a lot of things that you can do in High School with the time that you have, and you can have that coming of age high school movie moment.