Sophomores prepare for driver’s ed test


Christa Suchcicki, Staff Writer

November 4 is coming up quickly. Sophomores will be taking their driver’s ed exams on this monumental day. While some future drivers are confident, others are worried.

For the first quarter of the school year, sophomores have been in drivers ed. They have been learning about things from speed limits and turning signals to drinking and driving, all of which will be on the test.

As a sophomore, I am one of those kids who is nervous about the exam, but I am more nervous to drive. I am scared that I might not control the car properly or get distracted too easily, however, I know that the more I worry, the more stressed I will be when I begin driving. There have been some sophomores that have already driven a car before, and people older than me say it’s easy. Who knows? It might be hard at first, but I might get the hang of it.

After interviewing some students, most are nervous for both the exam and actually driving. Some are just nervous for driving but they have the confidence to take the exam, and only a handful of students are ready for the exam and driving.

For all of the sophomores, good luck on the exam! It might be challenging, but hopefully it is easy. Just a reminder: There are 50 questions, but you have to get 40 right to pass. The day will come faster than you think, so don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep and eat breakfast the day of the exam.