Bushfires rage in Australia


Brianna Kovach, Staff Writer

Some may not know but Australia is currently in a huge crisis and they need help; bush fires are consuming the land. Yes, Australia has always had bush fires but they have never exceeded to the extent that they are now. The reason why these bushfires are the worst that Australia has had is because of the current climate change we are experiencing. Since September, Australia has been in a massive heat wave which started the bush fires and has made it hard to stop them.

Now, you may be wondering just how much damage this has caused, and the answer is a lot. So far these fires have killed 10 people, they have consumed 11.3 million acres of land, destroyed 900 Australian homes and killed 480 million animals, and they have made breathing in the air in these areas like smoking about 40 cigarettes.

A lot of this damage is going to be close to impossible to reverse, such as the land and homes destroyed, the lives that have been taken, the air that has been ruined, and the one third of the already endangered koalas that have been killed.

There may not be a lot we can do to physically stop these fires but there is something we could do to at least attempt to help what is going on and that is to draw attention to it. When the bush fires first started they had a lot of coverage but lately people have stopped paying attention. Many actually think that the fires have stopped when in fact they have not. The media needs to keep drawing attention to this issue and get people to try and think about just how bad our climate has is, because right now Australia is burning because of how we have affected the environment and that is not fair.