Super Tuesday: What it is and why you should care


Sean Lee, Staff Writer

March 3 is Super Tuesday. This event is one of the most important political dates for Americans as a third of delegates will pledge their support for the Democratic nominee.

This Super Tuesday is significant because of how it is the first time that California will vote on Super Tuesday. In previous years, California would vote at a later date. The two states with the greatest population, Texas and California, will vote on March 3. As a result of this impending decision, there has been an increased amount of campaign activity to entice delegates into pledging support.

What is Super Tuesday?

Super Tuesday refers to the Tuesday in March where most delegates pledge their support to potential nominees. Even though many states still have not had delegates pledge support, nominees will oftentimes increase their marketing to achieve a more favorable outcome of Super Tuesday. If a nominee has a substantial lead over other politicians, some delegates may end up pledging support just to help the leading candidate.

How does Super Tuesday Affect Normal Voters?

Seeing as 1,357 delegates choose to pledge support on Super Tuesday, there could be a clear presidential nominee that emerges. This substantial lead may cause the nominees with fewer delegates to drop out of the race altogether. However, a difference of only a few delegates may encourage politicians to hold more rallies in hopes of gaining the lead. Ultimately, the politicians with over 1,991 delegates will be on the ballot for the presidential election.

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