Rex Orange County releases live EP

As COVID-19 continues to prevent audiences from coming together, Rex Orange County releases a live EP from Radio City Music Hall to reminisce on his 2019 album and tour.


Rylee Farrar, Staff Writer

On September 30, Rex Orange County introduced his fans to his first-ever live EP. Consisting of nine tracks from his previous albums and singles, this EP successfully conveys the pure emotion that lead singer, Alex O’Connor, incorporated into his music.

With a combination of mellow lyricism and melodies, O’Connor unveils his battle with mental health. His selection of songs from his 2019 album Pony display not only personal growth but also his overcoming of depression.

The first track, titled “10/10,” is O’Connor’s new optimistic outlook following several months of writer’s block and overall sadness. He combines both cheerful lyrics with an upbeat tempo to truly express this. This song was the first of 10 on his previous album that set the record straight for its overall theme.

Continuing to pursue his over-joyous feelings within the EP, O’Connor shared a sentimental moment with the audience while singing “Pluto Projector,” a song about coming to terms with all of the things that people should be grateful for in life. The opening guitar gives off a Bruno Major-style vibe as the singer acknowledges his current partner and his gratefulness for her.

To wrap up his show, the singer concluded the night with a final song from the album. “Always” continues to represent a theme of experiencing mental blockages; however, it also teaches that surrounding yourself with others is a significant step in overcoming these battles. By incorporating his relationship into the lyrics once again, O’Connor confesses his tendency to keep his feelings to himself, yet encourages others to avoid this.

Other tracks, such as “Untitled,” convey his thought processes and mistakes within relationships. This song, which was produced in 2017 off of his album Apricot Princess, deeply resonates with many as it reflects feelings of guilt and discomfort when looking back on past faults. This incredibly raw and personal message is seemingly an audience favorite, as it is one of O’Connor’s most streamed songs and one that fans can be heard singing along to in the recording.

O’Connor’s first live EP helps to bring listeners back to the pre-pandemic era. It consists of beautifully written pieces, and the audience’s cheering and singing provide so much comfort and sentiment that it feels as though those who appreciate the collection of songs were truly there.